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Brian Meidam

Businessman, Family Man, Outdoorsman, Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur. Brian Meidam is one of those rare people who does many things and does them all pretty well. Whether its transforming residential real estate from junker status to works of beauty, wholesaling properties, negotiating debt with banks on short sales, buying rental properties for cash flow, providing transactional funding, funding local hard money loans, or coaching real estate investors, Brian takes a measured, hands-on approach to his ventures, which may be one of the reasons Brian has been able to profitably adapt to the ever-changing real estate market since buying his first property more than 10 years ago.

With a degree in finance and a background in fixed-income trading, Brian has the experience and skill to approach investing from all angles, one of the traits that also make him a successful coach to burgeoning investors. He co-founded Milwaukee-based LocalREICoach, a local real estate coaching program that is expanding rapidly with the recent addition of satellite programs in Madison, Appleton, and Northern Illinois.

When he isn’t doing deals, enjoying Wisconsin’s natural beauty, or relaxing with his wife and three children, Brian regularly acts as an advisor nationwide to real estate investors seeking to launch, streamline, or make the leap to profitability.

Eric Lundberg

A Wisconsin native and UW-Madison graduate,  Eric Lundberg found himself living the dream right out of college when hard work and fortuitous circumstances paid huge dividends, allowing him to fulfill his dream of traveling the world and playing the stock market game. Unfortunately, the tech crash of 2000 derailed a few of his plans, but it brought him and his new family back to the states with desire to make it big again. Fortunately, Eric quickly got a chance to pursue his budding interest in real estate,  becoming a  success at investing, flipping, and wholesaling- all the while learning the ropes on almost every kind of deal while enjoying becoming part of the Milwaukee investing community.

Eric continues to invest, but his top investment is in helping others to maximize their own investing careers through the LocalREICoach program, The Milwaukee REIA (which he co-founded) and through the Lifeonaire program. As anyone who has heard Eric speak can attest to, he has a natural gift for teaching in a no-nonsense, practical, but quick-witted and often humorous manner (the occasional bombed-joke notwithstanding ;). 

In addition to being passionate about helping others, Eric enjoys traveling, spending time with his three high-energy kids, reading great fiction, and finding great "life hacks"- Eric is our own resident "Tim Ferriss" ...don't be surprised if you see him on TV or authoring a best-selling book sometime in the near future.