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Eric Lundberg

Wisconsin native and UW-Madison graduate,  Eric Lundberg found himself living the dream right out of college when hard work and fortuitous circumstances paid huge dividends, allowing him to fulfill his dream of traveling the world and playing the stock market game. Unfortunately, the tech crash of 2000 derailed a few of his plans, but it brought him and his new family back to the states with a desire to make it big again. Fortunately, Eric quickly got a chance to pursue his budding interest in real estate,  becoming a  success at investing, flipping, and wholesaling - all while learning the ropes on almost every kind of deal while enjoying becoming part of the Milwaukee investing community.

Eric continues to invest, but his top priority is in helping others to maximize their own investing careers through the Local REI Coach program, The Milwaukee REIA (which he co-founded). As anyone who has heard Eric speak can attest to, he has a natural gift for teaching in a no-nonsense, practical, but quick-witted and often humorous manner (the occasional bombed-joke notwithstanding ;). 

In addition to being passionate about helping others, Eric enjoys traveling, spending time with his wife and their five(!) high-energy kids, reading great books, and finding great "life hacks"- Eric is our own resident "Tim Ferriss" ...don't be surprised if you see him on TV or authoring a best-selling book sometime in the near future.


Paul E. Martin

Paul E., as he is known, is a long-time real estate investor, previous truck driver and landscaper, and all-around great guy! He has done everything from wholesaling to rehabbing and every kind of creative deal in between. A few years ago, the Lifeonaire program literally changed his life and gave him an epiphany about how he had been letting his business and debts run his life instead of being able to live life to its fullest.

Shifting into debt-free mode, Paul E. has restructured his business and now finds great joy in having the freedom to pursue his interests including skydiving, personal development, mission work, and helping other investors to achieve success on their own terms. Paul E. is a graduate of the Local REI Coaching program and is now the newest team member to inspire and support our student investors.