The Resources You Need

Share our contractors, vendors, contracts, and other critical resources.

Need Money? No Problem

Our LOCAL lenders trust us and our systems- you'll have access to all the money you need to succeed.

You are Never Alone

One-On-One Coaching, 24-7 support, and our exclusive mastermind support group. 

Your Success, Our Success

With you every step of the way- we'll help you set investing goals and keep you on track until you get there.

We're Not National "Gurus"

And You wouldn't want us to be. We're real people, not call-center robots.

Location Location Location

Our expertise is in the exact market you're investing in.

A Relationship Business

We'll help you build, through smart action, a reputation for being a go-to investor.

Take the Long View

When you finish our program, you'll have the knowledge, the contacts, and the sustainable strategies you need to continue.

Why Local?

Our Mission

To provide the premier real estate investment coaching program in the United States by assisting coaches and members nationwide to excel both as individuals and real estate investors through one-on-one coaching, group mastermind meetings, networking and resource sharing, and accountable local support provided by extremely qualified, success-driven coaches who consistently model competence, ethics, and integrity for their members.



We know that the difference between a good and bad deal can vary from block to block. That's where LOCAL comes in. We actively invest in the neighborhoods we advise our students on. We have the best local resources, connections, and experience. 

We work in Your marketplace so you can get the jump on the market and stay current with local trends, and we work with you and for you to jumpstart your investing career. We'll hold you to the high standard we set for ourselves so you can get the best and most out of your investing career.